Korea Cheongpyeong Snowflake Festival Day Tour

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There are three well-known ice fishing sites in Korea: Hwacheon, Pyeongchang and Cheongpyeong. Hwacheon and Pyeongchang are in Gangwondo while Cheongpyeong is in Gyeonggido.

In chilly winter, there would be snowing everywhere in Korea, and many snow-related festivals would be held. Cheongpyeong is the ice-fishing site which is the closest to Seoul, hence the transportation is very convenient. We strongly recommend those who would stay in Seoul for their trip and do not want to travel so far to join this annual festival.


Spot Introduction

Cheongpyeong Snow Flake Festival located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do includes fun activities such as catching trout with bare hands, ice fishing, riding on tradition sleds and many other hands-on activities. Visitors who had paid admission to the fishing reservoir are also invited to watch the free circus performance offered.


【Suggested itinerary】

8am: Depart from Seoul

11am: Arrive festival site

11:30: Free activity, lunch (not provided)

4:30pm Leave festival site

7:30pm: Arrive Seoul

Remark:Above itinerary is just for reference


5 seats car 220,000won/9 seats car 230,000won/12 seats car 250,000won

Standard 9hours per day, additional fee 30,000won per hour would be charged if overtime

Fees included:Transportation fee, fuel charge and parking fee

Fees not included: Ticket fees, driver’s meal, overtime charge, fees not mentioned

Driver’s lunch would be in charge by customer (Can pay 10,000won to driver for lunch)


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